Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard

Key Details of Avro Keyboard

  • Learn how to type in Bangla language
  • Last updated on 04/07/20
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 1 flag on VirusTotal

Developer’s Description

Avro Keyboard is the first free Bangla typing software for Windows.
Type Bangla anywhere- write documents, spreadsheets, send Bangla email, chat in Bangla, write Bangla blog or design Bangla web pages, anything is possible! Completely Unicode complaint. Supports all popular methods of Bangla typing – English to Bangla phonetic typing, fixed keyboard layout based typing, and mouse based Bangla typing. With the built in Keyboard Layout Editor, users can also create new Bangla keyboard layouts or edit existing one. User friendly interface, easiest typing system, lots of typing automation tool, free online support makes it the most popular Bangla typing software of today.


  • Windows 10 Compatibility Added.
  • Locale changing is by default turned off now and no longer recommended.
  • Removed the bug where Windows language mode would get fixed to Bangla mode even after switching Avro to system default keyboard.
  • Installer size is almost half now.
  • Removed iComplex and Font Fixer.
  • They were great tool, but not necessary anymore in modern Windows.
  • Removed outdated help contents
  • Made the installer a lot simpler.
  • All executables are now digitally signed with a new certificate.

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