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Bates Basic
BATES Basic for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit). This is single user program for processing electronic documents (pdf, tif, graphic files) only. This program WILL NOT function on a network and must be installed on the workstation or stand alone system. Bates Basic includes the following features: Not an Adobe Plug-in. Adobe Acrobat is not needed. Context Sensitive Help – Press F1 or the Help Button on any screen and view Help for that screen. Bates Stamp 100’s of Pages in just a few seconds. Bates Stamp pdf, tif, jpg, png. and most other graphic files. Sequential Numbers Add Prefixes and/or Suffixes to. Place one Variable and one Prefix on Page. Place Stamp at one of four Angles

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The complete solution for any Bates Stamping Project you may encounter including electronic files (pdf, tif, text, word, word perfect, excel, jpg plus most other graphic images) and any size existing paper documents or make any size labels. This program is network or stand alone compatible, license for 1 to 5 users/seats included. Bates Professional 14 includes Create Serialized Documents. Create multiple copies of a single documents. This feature may be used to produce and track exams, movie/tv scripts.


2 This presentation contains illustrations from the book
‘Programming 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers in C’ by Martin BatesPart 1 Microcontroller Systems describes in detail the internal architecture and interfaces available in the PIC 16F887A, a typical PIC chip, as well as outlining the main features of the development system Part 2 C Programming Essentials provides simple example programs for the microcontroller which show the basic principles of C programming, and interfacing to basic I/O devices Part 3 C Peripheral Interfacesprovides example programs for operating PIC chips with a full range of peripherals, using timers and interrupts


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