Download CaptureIT Free For Windows 2024

Download CaptureIT Free

CaptureIT is a batch screenshot utility can take an unlimited amount of website screenshots in up to five different image formats. Simply specify a. txt file full of URLs, and CaptureIT will export your URL images into a specified file at any given size or resolution.
CaptureIt captures pictures of your screen. If you need to get a photo of some region on your computer so you can show it to someone else, you might want to check out CaptureIt. It helps you capture anything on your screen with just one click. Additional options are included, like being able to add a comment to an image, change the color, edit the parameters of the image, or auto save and auto name it in png, bmp, jpeg and tiff formats. CaptureIt is a let’s you capture the image, but it also lets you modify the image. Other options are included, like being able to include a mouse pointer in the image.
It’s an easy way to work with the animated objects, windows and all that appears on your screen. CaptureIt speeds up working with screenshots for people who write documentation, because you don’t need to save the whole screen anymore. Instead, you just select the region you want to capture directly. Overall, this might be a good program to try if you’re taking lots of screenshots.

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