Cartman’s Authoritah

Cartman’s Authoritah

Cartman's Authoritah

Editors’ Review

This free platformer breaks no new ground, but fans of the South Park cartoon series will likely be plenty amused. As you might guess from the name, you control the rotund, foul-mouthed character known as Cartman. You navigate various platforms around town to collect Cheesy Poofs while blasting and beating other characters from the show, including the beleaguered Kenny. Although it’s no more violent or crude than the actual show, parents might want to know that Cartman’s Authoritah does include some blood as well as some raunchy humor. The graphics and sound effects are nothing special, though we wish you could disable the latter, which get repetitive quickly. However, the only notable customization option you’ll find is the ability to reconfigure the control keys. Serious gamers probably won’t find Cartman’s Authoritah all that impressive, but folks looking to play an occasional game and get a few chuckles should check it out.


Developer’s Description

Play as South Park’s Eric Cartman in this Super Mario style platform game. Run, jump, and shoot your way through eight levels–plus many secret levels–of enemies to finally face off against Mr. Garrison. To make your job easier, you can collect a variety of special weapons and ammunition along the way. The game features a mixture of cartoon style and 3D-rendered graphics, plus cool special effects. In version 1.3c the installer has been updated to include a hyperlink to the game’s Web page.

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