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By Christoph Schmoliner
The Consiglieri is a super software that give you the ability to track, explore, edit, watch, listen, record, share, counsel and report: any possible stocks, market, funds or finance information, from the Web.By means of quick visual results you will be able to obtain the most updated sites, very easily and intuitively.By engaging the expertise of the 45 most leading analysts you will be able to watch average recommendations graph.The Consiglieri will track and save for you, the latest stock prices, fundamental data, reports, news, profiles, history data of split history, upgrades and downgrades, quarterly reports, calls & puts options, insider traders and analyst’s research. Explore the market: watch Option summary reports, IPO summary, market indexes and Splits summary. Let Consiglieri show you the top winners, losers, most actives and much more. Follow the Internet newsgroups gossip around, by using the Consiglieri Gossip Explorer.Research the web with the powerful stock performance search engine. Use the power of human analyst and get free tips and advices. Link the to human analysts as a special service.Find quick charts, ratio graphs, technical charts and interactive charts with only one click.Connect to the top leading news providers. Read the latest news headlines in real time.Group your favorite stocks with powerful portfolio.Check the latest Internet gossip around; listen to the latest business radio broadcasts and watch financial TV programs from the web.Let Consiglieri prepare for you stock summary reports. Export assigned reports in any format, and let Consiglieri read to you the latest prices and news headlines.

Not everyone can be in charge but, more importantly, not everyone should want to be. Richard Hytner, Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, thinks it’s time to celebrate the second-in-commands, the consiglieri: from Merlin, to Al Gore, Rasputin to Machiavelli. These are the deputies, the Vice Presidents, the C-suite, the department heads – lieutenants, advisers, and counselors – whose influence determines the fate of boardrooms, corporations, and nations.

The key to success lies in getting to the top – right?

Wrong. Not everyone can be No. 1, and more importantly, not everyone wants to be.

Consiglieri turns the spotlight on the second-in-commands – the advisers, assistants and counsellors (or ‘consiglieri’) – who are too often disparaged as the ‘No. 2’. Far from being also-rans, these are the crucial vice-presidents, first lieutenants and right-hand men and women whose influence can determine the fate of countries, companies and individual ventures all over the world.

In this timely celebration of the done-down deputy, Richard Hytner (himself a former CEO and now deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi) presents a remarkable array of powerful advisers, from Alastair Campbell and Hillary Clinton to Rasputin, Machiavelli and Peter Mandelson, and talks to outstanding consiglieri in contemporary business, politics, sport and the arts, revealing in the process what motivates these so-called No. 2s, what makes them great and what their bosses can do to help them flourish.

Stylish, clever and entertaining, Consiglieri is packed with invaluable advice for every kind of leader, whether in the limelight or the shadows. It may also be one of the wittiest business books ever.

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