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Download Universal Shop Icons

Universal Shop Icons focus on serving your users and viewers with beautiful graphics that reliably convey key information. Make your website or application easier to use and more visually appealing with this set of professional icons. Choose from several resolutions and file formats to achieve just the right look, and take advantage of three distinct status renderings for greater project functionality. Simplify your work and wow your audience.

Helping customers and potential clients get the most out of their shopping experiences online leads to better business, and one of the best ways to improve any ecommerce project is to rely on professional icons. Capable of serving users with vital information and contributing to the visual atmosphere of a website or application, shop icons are a big part of the success or failure of any modern shopping project.

Make sure your icons are doing their part with our collection of Universal Shop Icons. Designed by experienced professionals with both stunning visual quality and sensible technical attributes, these icons are perfect for any site or app focused on business or commerce. From a variety of beautifully-rendered coins to basic objects such as cash registers and office equipment, the collection features many items sure to come in handy for busy developers.

Incorporating our Universal Shop Icons into your website or application is easy thanks to the availability of several icon resolutions and file formats. Choose from 24 x 24 pixels all the way up to 512 x 512, and enjoy the freedom of working with PNG, BMP, and ICO formats. Interested developers can also purchase SVG or AI source files for creating modifications and special effects.

The power of a great-looking, easy-to-use icon collection cannot be overstated, and the Universal Shop Icons package is one of the most widely-applicable and convenient available anywhere. For sleek, professional looks and straightforward functionality, choose Universal Shop Icons

Free store and shop icon or symbol in PNG image or SVG vector format. Download all transparent flat icons for free under ecommerce online store icon pack. Customize this ecommerce online store icon online with the icon editor and download in PNG image, SVG vector or Base64 format.

41 Free ecommerce online store icons. Contains such flat and vector icons as shop, ecommerce, smartphone, computer, screen, shopping cart, ring, open signboard, close signboard, sale, ring, percent, shopping bag, price tag, delivery, gift box, credit card and cash money. Icons are completely free.

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Other free Colored icon sets. Icon packs contains customizable transparent PNG icons in various sizes (16×16 PNG, 24×24 PNG, 32×32 PNG, 64×64 PNG, 128×128 PNG, 256×256 PNG, 512×512 PNG) and SVG vectors. Customize colors, sizes, position and download in PNG, SVG or Base64 format.

Iconscout has integrations with Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, GSuite, and MS Office. Our plugins let you find assets without you leaving the tools you’re using.

135,000+ pixel-perfect icons in 33 popular styles in one desktop application. Pick any icon you need. Choose any color and size. Drag-and-drop it to any design tool. Done. All the icons are customizable and consistent. Available in many sizes and formats: • Sizes from 25×25 to 500×500 px • Formats PNG, ICO, SVG, PDF, EPS, XAML What you can do with Pichon: • Search by keywords or browse by category or style • Recolor all the icons in a few clicks • Have all the icons at hand any time since the app works offline Terms of use: • Basic sizes (up to 100 px) in PNG and ICO are free if you put a link to • Big sizes and vector formats are available with a paid Icons8 subscription

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