Dungeon Siege demo

Dungeon Siege demo

Dungeon Siege demo

Editors’ Review

Amazingly beautiful graphics and an absence of load delays set Dungeon Siege apart from other RPGs. Transition between scenes is impressively seamless. A lovely innovation, a Pack Mule, takes the burden of carrying loot and equipment off the character’s shoulders. The skill system in Dungeon Siege differs from many other games in that the player is encouraged to switch between styles throughout the game. A character can increase Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence using an appropriate weapon or spell. The game’s only weak point seems to be its storyline, which is generic. Still, most players will enjoy the game, especially those who prefer action-oriented RPG without much emphasis on puzzles or side quests.


Developer’s Description

This demo of Dungeon Siege allows you to experience the lush 3D graphics and intense over-the-top action first-hand. Begin as a farmer and journey to the besieged town of Stonebridge, through hostile forests and ancient crypts. This demo allows you to play through the first 10 percent of the game in either single-player or multiplayer mode.

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