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By Boydevlin
EasyInventory is a small, portable software application that allows home owners, landlords, etc. to easily track and value their home contents for home insurance and control purposes. It encourages users to not under insure their home(s). By taking some time out to create an inventory of all your contents and keeping it up to date, you can avoid under-insurance. And it could take the headache out of tracking everything and making a claim should the worst happen. An innovative approach to data entry allows you to get up and running with a full valuation in one sitting. You get to choose how much information you wish to store about your belongings and data entry is mostly by pointing and clicking. You can even head off future family squabbles by designating an heir for each item. Best of all, the unique graphical interface really brings your inventory data to life
Simple Inventory Manager is a quality assurance application currently utilised buy more than 700 companies throughout at least 60 countries from around the world. Thanks to a centralised interface and many streamlined functions, users can enjoy greater levels of oversight within fast-paced business environments. A free version is available while access to all features will require a one-time payment.

Core Features and Business Uses

One of the benefits associated with Simple Inventory Manager is that this software is entirely scalable. It can therefore be upgraded or downgraded as may be required. A handful of other primary functions include the possibility to plan ahead for warehousing scenarios, real-time access to stock and products, a scanner to read barcodes and shipment tracking to ease logistical burdens. This software is also modular, so users will only pay for those applications which they require in order to oversee daily operations.

Additional Tools

All data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets in order to guarantee higher levels of quality assurance and accountability. Simple Inventory Manager is also quite portable and it can even be uploaded to a separate USB key. Customers can print proprietary barcode stickers and cloud-based servers will help to guarantee redundancy in the event of an in-house system failure.

Author’s review


  • This tracking software is scalable and modular based upon specific needs.

  • It is possible to scan and print barcodes in a matter of seconds.


  • The high-end version of this bundle is quite expensive.

  • The basic variant does not offer all of the functionalities mentioned above.

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