Express Rip Free CD Ripper

Express Rip Free CD Ripper

Express Rip Free CD Ripper

Key Details of Express Rip Free CD Ripper

  • Extract audio tracks from CDs in WAV or MP3 format
  • Last updated on 08/02/21
  • There have been 3 updates within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal

Developer’s Description

Download this free CD ripper program to convert CD audio to mp3 or wav file formats. Express Rip lets you rip, convert, encode, and decode music and other audio tracks directly to files on your hardrive. By using direct digital extraction, pure audio quality is maintained. Express Rip has a small download file, is free, and very fast.

Features: Converts audio CD tracks to wav or mp3 files. Quality CD digital audio extraction (ripping). Fastest free CD Ripper available. Complete control over mp3 encoding including Constant and Variable modes at selectable bitrates. Automatically updates the displayed track-list when a CD is ejected or inserted. Ability to rename tracks prior to loading. Simple, easy to use interface.


Bug Fixes

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