Download Free Fadmin File Manager 2024 Latest Version

Fadmin File Manager

 Free Fadmin File Manager 2024 Latest Version

Fadmin File Manager is a two side file manager with many features. All file and folders operation, file search, build in arhives support, FTP client, powerful plug-in subsystem, system/processes/tasks listing, editor and viewer with customizable syntax highlight, Hex viewer and editor, built-in Web browser, image and multimedia file viewer, run/edit/view file by extension, colored files groups, temporary file panel, RTF editor, user scripts, keyboard macros and match.

Key Features OF Fadmin File Manager:

here are the key features of Fadmin File Manager:

  • Dual-pane interface: This allows you to see two folders simultaneously, making it easier to drag and drop files between them or copy/paste operations.
  • File Management: Fadmin offers basic file management functionalities like creating, deleting, renaming, moving, and copying files and folders.
  • Built-in tools: It includes a text editor for basic editing tasks and a process viewer to see running programs on your system.
  • Customization: You can configure external viewers and editors for different file types. This means you can choose your preferred program to open specific files (e.g., using a different image editor).
  • Limited web browsing: While not a core file management feature, Fadmin apparently has some built-in web browsing capabilities. However, this functionality might be outdated and not very secure for modern web browsing.

How to Use Fadmin File Manager?

1. Launching and Interface:

  • Double-click the Fadmin File Manager application icon to launch it.
  • The interface likely consists of two main panes: one for each directory you’re browsing.
  • You can use the navigation pane on either side to browse your folders and locate the files you want to manage.

2. Basic File Management:

  • Select a file or folder by clicking on it.
  • Common actions like copying, moving, deleting, and renaming can be done through the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts (if available).
  • Drag and drop functionality likely exists to move or copy files between panes.

3. Built-in Tools:

  • To use the text editor, right-click on a text file and choose “Edit” (or similar option) if available.
  • The process viewer might be accessible through the menu bar or a dedicated button. It should display information about running programs on your system.

4. Customizing File Actions:

  • Look for settings options in the menu bar. You might be able to configure how Fadmin opens specific file types by associating them with external programs (your preferred image editor, for example).

5. Limited Web Browsing (Use with Caution):

  • It’s best to avoid using Fadmin’s web browsing functionality due to potential security risks and outdated features. Modern web browsers offer better security and browsing experience.


  • Dual-pane interface: This makes it easy to navigate between folders and perform file operations like copying and moving efficiently.
  • Portable: Fadmin doesn’t require installation, so you can run it from a USB drive on any computer.
  • Built-in tools: The text editor and process viewer offer some additional functionality without needing to switch to other programs.
  • Customization: You can configure Fadmin to open specific file types with your preferred external programs.


  • Potentially outdated: Information about Fadmin seems limited, and it might be an older program. This could mean:
    • Lack of updates and security patches
    • Outdated features that might not be compatible with modern file types or operating systems.
    • Limited web browsing functionality might be insecure.
  • Cluttered interface: Some users find the interface to be overwhelming and not very user-friendly.
  • Limited functionality: Compared to more popular file managers, Fadmin might lack advanced features like file synchronization, file versioning, or powerful search capabilities.
  • Scarce resources: There seems to be a lack of online tutorials or user guides readily available, potentially making it difficult to learn and use all its features.


Fadmin seems like a basic file manager with some additional features like a text editor and process viewer. It might be suitable for users who want a simple, portable file manager with a dual-pane interface. However, be aware of potentially outdated features and a cluttered interface.

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