Developer’s Description

FolderShare is a website and software application that allows you to create a personal Peer-to-Peer network. Use FolderShare to retrieve/update documents or to share your files (photos, reports, etc.) with family, friends, and colleagues.

A FolderShare Library is the center of this personal P2P network. Run FolderShare on multiple personal computers (like your home and office machines) and you will have a powerful file system at your disposal. FolderShare can automatically create an identical set of files on all of your computers. Make a file at home and it will instantly be copied to your office computer. Edit a file on your laptop and your office computer will automatically update its version of the file. If you are on the road, use FolderShare to view and download files from your office computer via any web browser.
Expand your P2P network by turning your FolderShare library into a group library. Create a Library with invited friends/colleagues and build a collection of files (documents, photos, etc.) that everyone in the group can access. Securely share as many files as you desire because FolderShare has no file size limitations or bandwidth quotas.

FolderShare is easy because there is no special file management interface – Access your files the way you are used to (ie: C drive, Windows Explorer, Network drive).
The FolderShare program works behind the scenes monitoring your file system for changed files. Once a changed file is detected, FolderShare replicates the file to all connected servers or desktops.


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