Free Picture Resizer

Free Picture Resizer

Free Picture Resizer

Editors’ Review

Free Picture Resizer lets you perform basic image editing, such as resizing, rotating, and flipping a photo as well as applying filters and other color corrections. The software comes free of charge and also features batch file processing and an intuitive but uninspired interface.


Filters and image adjustments: In addition to rotating images, Free Picture Resizer can also apply a handful of filters as well as allow you to set custom contrast, hue, saturation, and luminance levels. Of all the filters, we were most impressed with the one that blurs photos.

Batch manipulations: The app’s most advanced feature, the batch converter, allows you to perform actions like renaming and resizing photos, changing the image format, setting rotation, modifying the color gamut, and adding filters. In order to make the process less complex, a four-step wizard is used to set up each batch conversion.

Fast: In our tests, the app was always snappy and responsive. It also performed well while testing the batch converter, as it took only 15 seconds to rename, resize, rotate, and blur 11 photos.


Uninspired interface: Despite being functional and intuitive, the software’s interface looks dated and uninspired. The toolbars reminded us of Microsoft Office 2003, which is not a good thing in a product aimed at creative people.


Free Picture Resizer is great for making small adjustments to individual photos or groups of them. If you’re looking for an advanced image editing app for complex photo manipulations or an Instagram-like software with dozens of filters, you will be better served by an alternative product.


Developer’s Description

Download this free picture resize software tool to learn to batch convert, resize optimize images photos and jpegs. Best Choice; Wizard Driven batch resizer optimizer resizer converter. Right Away share your photos with Free Picture Resize Starter software, freeware tool with a Photoshop-like interface. Convert Resize Optimize Share photos, makes it easier than ever to batch resize, optimize, convert, and share your photo image memories. All the tools you need in this free software package and share your photos with virtually anyone.

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