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FreeCaddie for Windows 10FreeCaddie is a free golf GPS app that helps you improve your game by providing accurate yardages to the pin and other hazards, a virtual scorecard, and more. With over 33,000 mapped courses available, you’re likely to find the course you’re playing on FreeCaddie.

 FreeCaddie for Windows 10

Key Features of FreeCaddie for Windows 10 :

Here are the key features of FreeCaddie for Windows 10:

  • Free GPS Yardages: Get accurate distances to the green, hazards, and other important course features like bunkers and water lays. This helps you choose the right club and plan your shots effectively.

  • Virtual Scorecard: Keep track of your score, strokes gained or lost (optional), and other stats for up to four players in your group. No need for a pen and paper!

  • Course Directory: Search and download information for over 33,000 golf courses worldwide. This ensures you have the layout and yardages at your fingertips, regardless of the course you’re playing.

  • Scorecard History (Free): Review your past scorecards and see how your performance has progressed over time. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses for targeted improvement.

  • Apple Watch Support (Free): For Apple Watch users, FreeCaddie allows you to view distances and keep score directly from your wrist. This is a convenient way to access information without pulling out your phone constantly.

Pros :

  • Free Basic Features: FreeCaddie offers core features like GPS yardages, virtual scorecard, and course directory at no cost. This makes it a budget-friendly option for golfers who want basic functionalities without a subscription.

  • Large Course Database: With over 33,000 courses mapped, you’re likely to find the course you’re playing on FreeCaddie. This global reach makes it convenient for golfers who play at different locations.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is known for being easy to navigate and understand, even for those not familiar with golf GPS apps. This allows golfers of all skill levels to enjoy its benefits.

  • Apple Watch Compatibility (Free): FreeCaddie integrates seamlessly with Apple Watch, allowing golfers to view distances and keep score directly from their wrist. This is a convenient feature for quick access to information without needing their phone.

  • Scorecard History (Free): The ability to review past scorecards helps golfers track their progress and identify improvement areas over time.


  • Freemium Model: While core functionalities are free, some advanced features like shot tracking require a premium subscription. This can limit the app’s full potential for golfers seeking detailed performance analysis.

  • Battery Drain: Using GPS for extended periods can drain your phone’s battery faster. Bringing a portable charger is recommended for a full round of golf.

  • Course Accuracy Reliance: While FreeCaddie boasts a vast course database, it’s always wise to double-check yardages with a course yardage book or a dedicated GPS device for ultimate accuracy.

  • Limited Features Compared to Paid Apps: Compared to premium golf GPS apps, FreeCaddie might lack advanced features like detailed course layouts, 3D flyovers, and advanced stat tracking.


FreeCaddie offers a compelling option for budget-minded golfers seeking a user-friendly GPS app. It provides free essentials like accurate yardages, a virtual scorecard, and access to a massive course database. The Apple Watch compatibility adds further convenience. However, for golfers who crave in-depth performance analysis and advanced features, FreeCaddie’s freemium model might limit its potential. Additionally, relying solely on FreeCaddie’s yardages might be risky, as double-checking with a course yardage book or dedicated GPS device is recommended for ultimate accuracy.

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