Download Freethemedia Player For Windows 2024

While Freethemedia Player was previously available for Windows, it appears downloads are no longer widely available and the software may not be actively supported. Given its age, it might also have compatibility issues with newer versions of Windows.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features for the free media players we discussed, focusing on Windows:

VLC Media Player:

  • Versatility: Plays a massive range of audio and video formats, including DVDs, CDs, and even streams.
  • Customization: Offers extensive customization options for playback settings, audio/video effects, and interface themes.
  • Advanced Features: Supports features like screen recording, subtitle synchronization, and playback speed adjustments.
  • Lightweight: Runs smoothly on most computers without consuming a lot of resources.

MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema):

  • Lightweight and Simple: Focuses on fast performance and a clean, no-frills interface.
  • High-Quality Playback: Delivers excellent video and audio quality during playback.
  • Customization: Offers some customization options for playback settings and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Limited Features: Lacks advanced features like built-in subtitle support or extensive format compatibility compared to VLC.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides a more user-friendly interface compared to MPlayer, the engine it’s built on.
  • Playback Features: Includes features like remembering playback position, integrating subtitles, and advanced keyboard shortcuts.
  • Format Compatibility: Plays a wide range of audio and video formats, similar to VLC.
  • Customization: Offers some customization options for the interface and playback settings.

Windows Media Player:

  • Built-in Convenience: Already installed on Windows, offering a convenient way to play common media files without additional downloads.
  • Integration with Windows: Integrates well with Windows libraries and features like playlists.
  • Basic Features: Primarily focused on basic playback functionality. Lacks advanced features found in VLC or SMPlayer.
  • Limited Format Compatibility: Plays most common formats but might not support some less common ones.


  • Extremely versatile: Plays almost any media format you throw at it.
  • Lightweight and efficient: Runs smoothly on most computers.
  • Highly customizable: Tailor the interface and playback settings to your liking.
  • Open-source and free: No cost and constantly updated by a dedicated community.
  • Advanced features: Screen recording, subtitle adjustments, playback speed control.
  • Built-in convenience: Already pre-installed on Windows, no downloads needed.
  • Integrates with Windows: Works seamlessly with Windows libraries and features like playlists.
  • Easy to use for basic playback: Simple interface for playing common media files.
  • Free: No additional cost since it comes with Windows.


  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners: Lots of options might seem cluttered.
  • Not the most intuitive for basic playback: Might require some exploration for simple tasks.
  • Limited features: Lacks advanced functionalities found in other players.
  • Limited format compatibility: Might not play some less common formats.
  • No longer actively developed: Updates might be infrequent.


When it comes to free media players for Windows, there’s a strong option for everyone’s needs. VLC Media Player reigns supreme for its ability to play nearly any media format imaginable and offers extensive customization options for power users. If you have an older computer or prioritize a clean interface with smooth playback, MPC-HC is a lightweight champion. For a user-friendly experience that remembers playback position and integrates subtitles seamlessly, SMPlayer is a great choice. And lastly, if you just need a basic media player that’s already pre-installed, Windows Media Player offers built-in convenience for playing common media files. So, whether you crave versatility, prioritize performance, value user-friendliness, or simply want a convenient option, a free media player is waiting to enhance your Windows multimedia experience.

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