Hero Online

Hero Online

Hero Online

Editors’ Review

Taking its story cues from a different cut of MMORPG cloth is the martial arts-based Hero Online. Free to play and layered with a multitude of characters, villains, settings, weapons, and armor, the joy in playing Hero comes from the rich tradition from which it is adapted, combined with some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen in a free game.

The gameplay is smooth, and the ease with which you can rotate your point of view is necessary, since attacks can come from more than one angle simultaneously. Just like in other MMORPGs, when you upgrade your weapons and armor, your character’s appearance changes, and the standard MMORPG conceits of weight and personal rank apply to what you can and can’t use. As with similar games, there are system slowdowns and occasional crashes, but they were few and far between for us.

Utilizing Chinese weapons, character design and kung fu moves, the game builds a fantasy fighting world that’s equal parts mythology and faux history. Even as tangentially grounded in reality as it is, Hero is nevertheless easier to understand and yet more complex than many free-to-play MMORPGs. You might not be a stronger martial artist by the time you log off, but you’ll definitely have much better click-to-fight reflexes.


Version 564 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Developer’s Description

As one of the best 3D Fantasy MMORPG HERO Online was made by NetGame with the scenario which draws a thin outlined version in the china legendary war period written with best-known writhers. Based on this scenario, the game can show interesting and various quest, and you can experience tremendous Adventure through realistic skill and stunning graphics making Hero online the one of the most Best MMORPG out there.

HERO Online has some characteristics. The game shows original quest, and with rivalry between two factions, you can take lively war in this game. Also, you can choose one of various jobs, and grow your own character through this new chivalrous world in HERO. The main characteristics of the Hero online are the Unique costumes/Uniqueness of weapons as these unique costumes.

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