Martial Heroes

Martial Heroes

Martial Heroes

Editors’ Review

Martial Heroes is a good MMORPG entry, but not the strongest one out there. Several aspects of the gameplay could be improved upon in future releases, although it looked excellent, with better-than-average 3D renderings and a much-appreciated “weightiness” to in-game objects: walls and mountains were as impenetrable in the game’s milieu as they are in the real world.

Also, the installation experience was quite refined for a free MMORPG, a pleasant alternative to the mess of patches and lack of documentation that sometimes plagues these games.

However, when we played, there was only one server available to log on to, and we suspect that was the cause of a general sluggishness throughout the game. An inability for the game system to react quickly to our commands in combat situations caused us to die several times, needlessly, always a frustrating outcome. Also, there is an enormous discrepancy between the powers of items that you pay real-world cash for and the items you can buy only with the currency of the Martial Heroes world. Other areas in need of tweaks include combat, which zipped by and left us wondering if there even was a fight at all.


Version 20080723 includes a graphic patch and adds Shader option

Developer’s Description

Martial Heroes is a full 3D online martial arts game describing such a world. When reading a martial arts novel, a reader usually stretches the imagination in his or her own way, where he or she becomes a hero or heroine, fighting enemies who are threatening the peaceful world for his or her guild, overcoming crises to obtain gifts from the gods, and finally becoming the head of the world.

By playing Martial Heroes, you can enjoy a realistic fantasy world spreading before you, differentiated from existing martial arts worlds described only in the imagination. Version 20080723 includes a graphic patch and adds Shader option.

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