MB Astrology Rashi Chart (North Indian Style)

MB Astrology Rashi Chart (North Indian Style)MB Astrology Rashi Chart (North Indian Style)

MB Astrology Rashi Chart provides users with a quick glance at their North Indian Style astrological outlook. With some complicated hurdles for newcomers, this program is best left to those with experience or those willing to learn.

This program’s interface is equally simple and confusing, thanks to its strange requirements. Users should have no trouble knowing where information needs to be placed, but will most likely have a hard time filling it in. Requiring some online digging, notably with inputting the longitude and latitude of your birth, this was a frustrating gap in design. The program provides a Help file for those confused, but only focuses on the software and not astrology. Getting our chart was challenging, as it required information most users will not have on hand. Asking for the specific birth day, time of birth, and the aforementioned longitude and latitude is a stretch for many casual users. However, once inputted, a personalized chart appears. This square chart, sectioned off into diamonds and full of terminology and numbers will be impossible to read without prior experience or some serious research. Regardless, it quickly appeared in a very clear fashion.

The program offers no special features, which helps keep users focused. Overall, we don’t see this freeware download as a good choice for casual astrology fans, but a good tool for those who are well versed in Rashi Charts.


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