MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus is a bare-bones database application. It allows you to view, edit, and search through a Microsoft Access database file without having Access installed on the machine. It serves as a valuable substitute when you don’t have Access available to you.


Straightforward design: Databases are one of the more complex file types that you might have to work on. This program uses a navigation system and icons that should be familiar enough to users of other Windows programs that learning how to perform the basic functions such as opening and searching a file are easy to perform, even for someone without a lot of database experience.

Good value: For a free program, this app offers significant value. Being able to open and edit MDB files without having to purchase Office is of considerable worth, especially considering how well the program appears to work.


Cluttered: Both the toolbar and the main viewing area of the app are quite cluttered. It looks very dated, without the clarity more common in newer software.

Installation: During the installation process, several questions come up trying to get you to install extra browser add-ons and tool bars. You do have the option to reject these installations, but it seems like a needless hassle.


If you’ve ever needed to open an MDB file and don’t have access on your machine, this is an effective solution to your problem. The software is a little dated and a little cumbersome, but ultimately it performs the tasks you ask it to do admirably. For software that is about functionality and not designed for any sort of entertainment purposes, those drawbacks aren’t enough reason to keep away.

Full Specifications


Version 2.48 includes updated query window.
MDB Viewer Plus is a freeware viewer and editor for Microsoft Access MDB and Accdb database files. It does not require an install to run provided that Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) is installed on your PC (In most versions of Windows this is the case). MDB Viewer Plus has been written to provide a free, quick and easy way to view, edit, filter, sort, and search MDB files without having Microsoft Access installed. This is useful if you need to look at an MDB or Accdb file but do not have Microsoft Access installed on your PC. It is not yet a full database development solution but does allow you to view MDB or Accdb files without an Access license.

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