Microsoft Jet Database Engine 3

Developer’s Description

Microsoft Jet Database Engine 3

The Msjtwng.exe file contains an update of four DLL files that are included with Microsoft Access 7.0 for Windows 95; Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. The problems fixed by this update are as follows:On Windows NT: Slow performance when you run large queries or execute operations that read Long Value data types (OLE or Memo fields); Microsoft Jet database engine version 3.0 may stop responding (may crash) when used with Microsoft Internet Information Server 2.0; You cannot create a dropbox on the local computer in Replication Manager; When you rename a form in Access, you may receive an IPF

On Windows 95/98 or Windows NT: When you try to open a database, you receive the following error message: Database Name isn’t an index in this table; Two-digit dates are not resolved to four-digit dates until runtime, when used in the QBE grid and on property sheets; All two-digit dates are imported as occurring in the 1900s; “No Common Point…” error when synchronizing two replicas after the year 2000, if they were created before the year 2000


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