MP3 to WAV Decoder

MP3 to WAV Decoder

MP3 to WAV Decoder

Editors’ Review

This one-trick pony offers little extra functionality, but it does its job well enough and costs nothing. The application makes quick work of converting MP3s to uncompressed WAV files, and the interface is simple: just drag and drop files directly from Windows Explorer. You won’t, however, find any special options for the WAV format besides the abilities to set the output folder and to add volume normalization. Also, you’ll have to find additional software to burn audio CDs from WAV files. However, since the program is completely free, we can see how users new to the world of digital audio might appreciate MP3 to WAV Decoder’s focused, no-frills approach.


Developer’s Description

Free MP3 to WAV Decoder is a conversion tool that can simplify the process of burning CDs. The basic function is to create burnable WAV files from MP3 audio files. You can preview MP3s before decoding them and display ID3 information on the fly. Additional features allow you to eliminate corrupt MP3 files, normalize the outputted WAV files for consistent volume, and add unlimited files for quick-batch conversion.

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