MPEG Suite 2001

MPEG Suite 2001

MPEG Suite 2001MPEG Suite 2001

Editors’ Review

Despite its many system flaws, this basic conversion program has a few good things going for it. MPEG Suite 2001 converts files from MP3 to WAV and back again, with little fanfare or special tricks. The interface is straightforward; simply drag and drop files from folders to convert. Another window allows you to manipulate bit rate, codec, and channels. Converted files are available in seconds, and the quality overall is good. The biggest challenge with MPEG Suite 2001 is simply getting the program to launch. After installation, the program prompts you to choose your operating system, either Windows 9.x, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. If you’re running XP, we found it best to choose the Windows 2000 option, as the system crashed when we chose XP. Overall, once you get past the buggy start MPEG Suite 2001 is a good freeware option for file conversion.


Developer’s Description

MPEG Suite is a fast audio MPEG encoder and decoder that can use an internal encoding codec made by Electronic Cosmo as well as Plugger+ or BladeEnc (all included). The decoder uses the newest XAudio codec for optimal quality and speed. MPEG Suite allows you to set ID3 on output from the encoder and converter and can convert a high-bit-rate MP3 to a lower bit rate while keeping the ID3 information.

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