This freeware program saves you time by batch-renaming files and folders, but it fails to include some useful features.’s no-frills interface is not particularly attractive, nor is it easy to grasp at first glance. Like similar renaming utilities, offers several renaming options including the ability to remove, replace, or append characters; rename MP3 files based on ID3 tags; and modify character case. Also, it can clear symbols and digits from file names. You can filter files and folders, and preview before applying modifications.

Unlike similar apps, doesn’t have the capability to revert file names back to their originals. We also had a tough time learning how to operate certain features, including Scene, Padding, Enumerate, and Truncate options. A more comprehensive help file would’ve been better than the brief tool tips that are offered. The program claims integration with Windows, but this feature didn’t materialize during testing.

All things considered, can do the job, but if you need a solid, easy-to-use renaming utility for professional use, try a more developed program.


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