Newgen SAP Image Enablement Connector

Newgen SAP Image Enablement Connector

Newgen SAP Image Enablement Connector

Developer’s Description

By Newgen Software Technologies
Newgen’s SAP Image Enablement solution provides added benefits to the Operational Heads and Business Users from their respective SAP modules (MM, FI, HR, etc.) transactions for a particular module can be linked to the corresponding SAP Business Objects and accessed within the SAP GUI. For example, incoming documents for the FI module could include Invoices, Credit Notes, etc. and outgoing documents like PO, Payment Note, Advice, Checks, Bank Statements, Payment Notification, FIO Payment, etc. can be directly linked to respective transactions and archived in the document repository for future use and audit purposes

SAP Solution Image Enablement from Newgen provides added benefits to Operational Managers and Business Users of their respective SAP modules (MM, FI, HR, etc.) the operations of a particular module can be related to the corresponding SAP Business Objects and is accessed within the SAP graphical user interface. For example, incoming documents for the FI module could include invoices, credit notes, etc., and outgoing documents such as PO,
Payment Note, Advice, Checks, Bank Statements, Payment Notification, FIO Payment, etc. can be directly related to the respective transactions and filed in the document repository for future use and auditing purposes

Requirements .:

Newgen OmniDocs 7.1 (Please see Newgen OmniDocs for your requirements)
SAP (Does not work in SAP B1)


30 day trial


1 Solution for Enterprise About Acquisition Scan/Captures Acquisition from other sources Archival Archival Processing Records Security and Rights Search & View Retrieval Web Desktop WebDAV/ Offic Connectors Image Enablement Toolkit Collaboration Routing Knowledge & Collaboration Publishing & Content Administration Repository User/Group Monitoring & Diagnostics Reports Configuration & Tailoring Support Architecture Diagram Technology Platform Packaging Omnidocs Server Client Add Ons Other Vertical Solution 1

2 About is an Enterprise Content (ECM) platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volume of documents. provides highly scalable, unified repository for securely storing and managing enterprise provides access to enterprise content directly and through integration with business applications. It provides centralized repository for enterprise documents and supports rights based archival. It supports both centralized and distributed scanning with policy based upload. Manages complete lifecycle of documents through record retention, storage and retrieval policies. Supports exhaustive document and folder searches on date, indexes and general parameters as well as full text search on image and electronic documents. Product Suite Routing KM & Collaboration Publishing & Content Mgmt Scan/Capture MS-Office connector Archival Web Desktop WebDav/Office/Mail /Fax Connector File Import s HTTP/FTP upload Processing Security & Rights Records Search & View Image Enablement Web s & Integration API Export & Publishing s Repository Monitoring & Diagnostics Reports User Mgmt Acquisition Scan/Captures: Comprehensive system for high speed scanning, document separation, and indexing Support for TWAIN and ISIS scanning Provides rule/policy based upload to central repository for bandwidth and time optimization Production-level scanning through OmniScan Web-based Scanning Scan multiple pages into batches for automated/manual processing Supports all standard image operations such as deskew, despeckle, rotate, invert, etc. Zone-based OCR for automatic indexing Automatic data extraction using OCR, MICR and Barcode Export scanned batches in to CSV Comprehensive Reports & Audit trail 1

3 Acquisition from other sources Tight integration for document capture with MS-Office Messenger-like tool for offline document acquisition and upload into Supports policy based archival of all the mails received or sent through a mail client to an Cabinet or a folder scheduled for capture. Connectors for MS-Outlook & Lotus Notes clients Supports integration with third party fax servers like RightFax. WebDAV Support Add/View/Browse Repository through Windows Explorer Provides file import services for bulk document import Support for HTTP based document upload Support for FTP uploads Archival Archival Provides a central repository to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, locations or the entire enterprise Organize s into Folders, Sub-folders hierarchy Creation of user-defined Data Classes with multiple userdefined indexes of various data types Supports image archival in online, offline and near online storages Processing Centralized indexing post branch scanning Maker-Checker approvals for dual authorization of administrative operations. Omni Process A maker-checker scenario that allow processing of transactions uploaded through OmniScan Upload and minimal indexing by the maker QC, Verification and processing by the checker Centralized indexing – distributed scanning Check in, Check out & Version Control. Comprehensive Folder & level operations like move/copy, forward, print, download etc Access permissions on Folders, documents and Data Classes & Folder sharing with various level of rights like read, create, modify, delete, annotate, print etc Supports storage of PDF,JPEG,TIF,DOC,XLS etc Records Manage and track physical location of documents Record retention, storage and retrieval policies Policy-Based filing & archival structure of Physical records & media Compliance with DOD & VERS standards Extensive reports & Audit trails Comprehensive search on File-plan and Records based on General properties, Date range and meta-data fields Security and Rights Support for Data and Password Encryption Extensive Audit-trails at user, folder and cabinet levels Support for SSL/HTTPS for secure transmission Access permissions on folders, documents and data classes Multiple levels of access rights (Read, Create, Modify, Delete, Annotate, Print etc) Search & View Exhaustive and Folder Searches Search by date, dataclass, general searches. Search for documents or folders on profile information such as name, created/ modified date. Search for documents/folders using user-defined data class index field values Full Text Search on image and electronic documents Boolean and complex logical searches for advanced searches Supports Viewing and annotating Image s through Image View Applet Supports standard Viewer features like Zoom-in, Zoom-out, and Rotate etc. Support for Thumbnails 2

4 Retrieval Web Desktop Exposes all standard features through web interface Allows users to easily work from remote locations without needing to install any client components Accessible through any standard web browser Supports viewing image documents though an Image Viewer Applet Support for document print, copy and download Office documents archived in can be opened through Office clients through office connector WebDav/ Offic Connector Allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on using WebDav Supports all clients that follow IETF WebDAV standard Supports operations such as User Login/Logout Add/Copy/Delete/Move/Rename folder, Add/View/Copy/Move/Rename/Edit/Ver sion document Office documents archived in can be opened through Office clients through office connector Image Enablement Toolkit Image Enable toolkit for integration with third party applications XML and JAVA based API for Image Enablement Used for image-enabling with core business applications like SAP, Credit card applications, CRM etc Framework to invoke standard SOAP based Web s which can directly access Newgen Web API for accessing images Collaboration Routing Supports user to user document routing Provision for tracking of documents, within or across workgroup Support for escalations and notifications Collaboration & Knowledge Supports user to user document routing and tracking of documents Support for escalation and notifications Creation & of Knowledge assets Individual & team knowledge spaces Collaborative working through Discussion forums, Q&A s, Bulletin Boards, Chat, Message Boards, as well as facilitating user subscription for specific content access and notifications. Full text search on documents, categories etc. Publishing and Content Publishing content to web portal Approval workflow for publishing Integration with Content creation tools Content Publishing, Expiry & version control Rendering Templates for publishing Can integrate with 3rd party softwares like Microsoft SharePoint Administration Repository Support for web-based administration Creation of folder structure Archival & Purging Rights through multiple level of rights User & Group User / Group creation Support for Roles LDAP/SSO support Assigning privileges/rights for user-group Maker-Checker feature for user-group operations Monitoring & Diagnostics Supports Dashboard for Monitoring of services Integrates with 3rd party Monitoring tools Diagnostics & Health-check services Version & Configuration Mgmt Reports Comprehensive reports for User-listing, group-privileges, dormant users etc. & Folder creation reports Audit Trails for & Folder operations Summary & Detailed reports 3



To benefit organization and its growth, would like to utilize hands-on experience in productive and rewarding environment on applications designed & developed on Newgen EDMS / EDRMS / DMS / ECM / BPM ( iBPS , OmniApp , OmniFlow, Process Modeler, OmniDocs, OmniScan, OmniBAM, MDM , BRMS (Business Rule Management System) ,OmniFlow Mail Capture, SAP XI Connector, SAP DMS Connector, LDAP SSO Login Adapter ) ,UiPath RPA Certified, Microsoft Power Automate, SAP ARIBA (Contract Management System), Chrome River, DocuSign, VisitUs Reception, OpenText OCR. As always open to learn new tools/applications to support.

Application end-to-end Support | Cost Savings and Cost Avoidance | Experience in Handling small size team | Requirement gathering, Design, Unit Testing, UAT and Production Deployments & Support | Flow diagrams in Visio | PPT preparation | Training internal team and users | Coordination with Vendors, Business & Internal teams | Incoming invoices/documents mailboxes monitoring | System limited Configurations | Analysis for performance improvements | Business workflow creations and improvements | Creation, Modifying and Ad-hoc Reports generation | Master Data and Templates Management | Ensure data flowing through all connected systems | Ensure all request and issues are closed within time line | User Security and License Management | Integration’s development support and monitoring | System validation post Firewall changes, any database upgrades and monthly windows server patching | Browser security upgrades support | Disaster Recovery fail Over Support | Application Server ownership including modification of servers resources and space cleanup support | Housekeeping activity.

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In today’s digital world with content exploding by the minute, an effective content management solution has become the need of the hour. In this endeavor, we partner with Newgen Software, a Gartner rated solution for providing an all encompassing solution for managing content effectively.

A digital enterprise exceeds customers’ expectations. The key is to know your Customers and understand their needs. Newgen’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite allows you to access the right content in the right customer context and build the right experiences. The suite enables end-to-end management of your enterprise content, from capture to disposition. Further, it offers flexibility to access or deliver content anytime-anywhere, creating a connected and digital workplace.

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