OfficeTime Time keeper Pro For PC Free Download 2024

OfficeTime Time keeper Pro For PC Free Download 2024

OfficeTime Time keeper pro Foe PC Free Download 2024

OfficeTime Time keeper Pro For PC automatically detect how long you’ve been idle and subtract it or assign it to a different project and track visual history or your days in your favorite iCal calendar. OfficeTime features one click Quick Reporting to instantly see where your time has gone. Then choose more refinement and watch as the report and graphs changes in real time. Fluid reports that change as you watch are a more natural and dynamic way to interact with your data.

The project supervisor can combine multiple employee files to produce powerful cross-person, team based reporting. Each employee’s data file can optionally be stored and accessed on a shared server drive. Now you can see at a glance the time and detail spent on each project under your supervision.

A few years ago, when I came across OfficeTime, this time-tracking app for workers who bill by the hour impressed me with its simplicity, ease of use, and low cost.

OfficeTime Time keeper pro License key

OfficeTime is still a wonderful option for solo workers who want a reliable offline time tracker that includes simple expense-tracking and invoicing tools. However, it isn’t ideal for collaboration and does not integrate with many other apps and services. For team use and more advanced invoicing options, Harvest is a better app and an Editors’ Choice. Another option for solo workers on a budget is Toggl’s free version, which is also an Editors’ Choice.

OfficeTime is a downloadable app for Windows and Mac, with mobile apps for iOS and Apple Watch, as well. The desktop apps cost $47 each. Most other time-tracking apps are sold as subscriptions, but with OfficeTime you only pay a one-time purchase fee.


OfficeTime for Windows is time and expense tracking that is easy, elegant, and focused. Other timekeepers are clumsy or oversimplified. OfficeTime balances features and ease of use, allowing you to easily track exactly what you do each day.
Features and Highlights

  • Easy to use: The best time tracker just feels right. And if it feels right, you’ll use it. Which means more hours captured!
  • Impressive invoicing: Easily justify your hours to clients.
  • Sync with OfficeTime on your iPhone or iPad (sold separately) Your time and expenses tracked on the go and synced back to your desk.
  • Increase Billable Hours: Increase your billables just by tracking your time more accurately. It guarantees you.
  • Easy Reports: Your life in a pie chart. Where did your time go last week? Which projects are running hot?
  • iCal Sync: You’re busy so the tool automatically records your meetings and shows your whole day in iCal.
  • Freelancers: Track valuable billable hours or check how you stack against your fixed cost bid. Designed to be flexible, like you.
  • Employees: Time tracking doesn’t have to suck. Easily log and report hours worked. Find out where the heck your day goes. Tracking means increased productivity.
  • Teams: Who’s slacking? Which group project is close to the budget? Cross-team reports have the answer.
  • No monthly fee: Unlike Web-based time trackers, there’s no subscription fee.
  • Guaranteed to pay for itself: It gives you 100% back if Office Time doesn’t pay for itself in increased productivity recording.
People capture more time and track more accurately with the right tool. We believe that a web browser tab is not the right tool for this. That’s why we built OfficeTime to be a real app that makes it easy to switch tasks in a busy environment, that offers to move your time when you step away and that works even if your internet isn’t. OfficeTime is a native app for iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC that does things no web app can do and simply makes it easier to capture more billable hours.


Pie legend is sortable againNewly created sessions can once again be rounded and after restarting OfficeTime you can still resume from the unrounded time

Now shows all projects in your menus even if you had previously imported them once with show only in reports checked and once with it unchecked.

No longer deletes your session if you press forward delete key while editing a note

No longer fails to relaunch if you had it minimized to the task bar

The play button should no longer flicker. If it still does, please let me know at [email protected]

Can now use arrow keys to navigate all popup menus

Saving to a network drive works once again

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