Palm Planner

Palm Planner

Palm Planner

Developer’s Description

By Thomas Jawer

Palm Planner is a Mega Graphic Month-Planner with 47 Graphic Symbols, and includes Monthview, Yearview, Weeknumbers, with support in English, French, Spanish, and German. Palm Planner 5 programs in one:

  • Month-View, with many graphical-objects (47) and letters (A-Z,0-9)
  • Year-View for holiday-planing and other things!
  • Direct and indirect access to the internal datebook!
  • Object-search-function and 10 Categories are available.
  • Jump direct from the internal datebook to the Palm Planner! Palm Planner also includes:
  • Countdown & Timer
  • Palm Angle
  • Palm Alarm
  • Palm Piano
  • Palm Planner
  • Palm Searcher
  • Sun-Compass
  • Flight-Frequencies
  Power Planner – Graphic Month-Year-Planner with 47 Graphic Symbols. Totally other outfit in comparison to Palm Planner !!!What’s New in This Release:

· The last day in the current month was not marked. The bug is now fixed.


A graphic planner with 47 Symbols, Monthview, Yearview, and an object search function.


Tucows, Inc has graciously donated a copy of this software to the Internet Archive’s Tucows Software Archive for long term preservation and access. Please check the Tucows website for all current versions of the software.

How To Set Up Palm Desktop On Windows 10

How to Install Palm Desktop 6.2

Palm Desktop 6.2 Download

  1. Download Palm Desktop 6.2
  2. Run the installer. Select Complete Install.
  3. After installation, Synchronization Setup will launch.
  4. Enter a name for your Device.
  5. Select Palm Desktop as your Sync Service.
  6. Exit the Installer.
  7. Right click on the Palm Desktop icon, click Properties then in the Compatibility tab check “Run this program as an Administrator” then click Ok to allow it to write registry settings.

How to Remove Hotsync from the Startup Folder in Windows

To stop Hotsync from starting every time you reboot:

  1. Right Click the Window’s Start button > Select “Task Manager”
  2. Select the “Startup” Tab
  3. Highlight “HotSync”
  4. Select “Disable”

Ready to embark on an art-filled adventure? Download your free copy of Exploring Florida’s Cultural Capital®—an insider’s art & culture travel guide filled with:

  • A comprehensive map with seven unique cultural regions to explore
  • Insider info on the area’s must-see museums, gardens, galleries, theaters and more
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palm2ical — Palm Datebook/Calendar export to iCalendar

The palm2ical program reads a PalmOS Datebook or Calendar database file (DatebookDB.PDB or CalendarDB-PDat.PDB) and writes complete information from all entries as an iCalendar (.ics or RFC 2445/RFC 5545) file, suitable for import to Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, and many other calendar applications.

Entries can also be selected by date, category, or number. This allows, for example, the export of different categories into separate Google Calendars.

What does connection mean to you? With the new mobile app, The School District of Palm Beach County becomes more accessible than ever before with just a touch of a button. Easily navigate through current news and videos, scroll through the School District approved calendar or check out the latest updates with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Quickly retrieve school information, like bus routes, lunch menus, and important push notifications to keep you connected to what matters most to you; anytime, anywhere.

The Oracle Calendar Sync utility for Palm or PocketPC synchronizes your handheld’s Date Book with your Oracle Calendar account on our Oracle server, so you must have an internet connection and connect your palm device to your computer via included cable for this to work. Note: This utility does NOT synchronize your calendar over the internet, but only through the cable. This utility does not function under Windows Vista as of this writing.You must install the Oracle Calendar client version 10 before you are able to install the Oracle Calendar Sync version 10. If you’re not sure what version you have, start up Oracle Calendar and BEFORE YOU LOG IN check the login screen for the version number. It should be written in small text near the bottom of the window. If you have version 9 or lower, the version number will be written to the left of title on the login screen. Please uninstall it and download the new version from You can find instructions for installing the Calendar client at

Once you’ve installed the Oracle Calendar Sync utility your Handheld will no longer sync its date book with Palm Desktop or Outlook. All the other conduits will stay as they are.

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