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Developer’s Description

Key features of iStonsoft PDF Merger/Combiner: merge PDF files into a single PDF document within a few simple clicks; preserve all original layouts, text, hyperlinks, etc. in the output file; work independently. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are not required. 100% Clean: No adware, no spyware and no viruse. User-friendly interface enables users to handle this handy tool as easy as 1-2-3. Free lifetime upgrade service for register users and free online email service for both free trial and register users

Merge multiple documents into a single page

PdfMerge is a useful, straightforward, and free software program developed to join PDF files on Windows PCs. With this program, you can combine PDF files to create a single larger document. You don’t have to use different document pages in PDF format when the tool lets you scroll endlessly through multiple pages.

This program could be the solution you’re looking for to save time and effort. The process requires only a few seconds.

With PDF Merge, you don’t need to purchase a subscription or pay a fee. The program is completely free, and you can start merging files right after installation.

A hassle-free, useful, and simple program for merging PDFs

If you often work with multiple PDF files on your Windows PC, it would be better to combine documents into a single PDF.

With PdfMerge download, you can save time viewing each document individually. Regardless of how the file fragmentation format, PdfMerge easily and quickly merges everything or creates a completely new file with existing documents. The program comes in handy for printing multiple PDFs since it condenses the process and lets you give a single command to the computer. This is one of the most downloaded software listed on Softonic PDF online tools

What about the interface?

Compared to Adobe Acrobat DC and other high-end tools, PdfMerge comes with a straightforward and simple user interface. It focuses on a single function and lets you merge PDF files with ease. Whether you’ve previously used a similar program or not, PdfMerge won’t require you to possess any technical knowledge or skills. Since the program is free, you don’t have to share private or confidential details.

While most users prefer the tool’s drag-and-drop functionality, the merging process needs only a few clicks. You can choose to combine PDF files into a master document or create an entirely new file. With intuitive navigation, the program makes it easy to select the specific files you want to combine. Additionally, the program lets you sort the files in your preferred order. With dialog-style buttons and a graphical user interface, even beginners can take advantage of PdfMerge.

To add a PDF file, you can choose from the four main buttons in the program. They also let you remove select pages or different sections in the file. There’s another field to choose a destination folder. Once you’re done, you just click the ‘Confirm’ button, and the program will create a new document within seconds. Since PDF Merge is a lightweight tool, it doesn’t affect system resources. Most importantly, it lets you merge PDFs in batches. The process keeps running in the background while you work on other important tasks.

Also, the program is available for all versions of the Windows operating system. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Mac or Apple devices. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll have to consider an alternative. During installation, it’s important to keep a check on optional freeware. If you don’t want to download or install third-party apps, you just need to uncheck the given boxes at installation time.

What are the drawbacks?

Compared to other programs in this category, PdfMerge download is a reliable choice. However, the tool comes with a few limitations.

For instance, it doesn’t offer any customization options, and you can’t split or edit PDFs. The development team also doesn’t offer good customer support. You’ll have to go through forums to search for tips, tricks, and resolutions. While it’s a good tool, it could benefit from a few subtle improvements.

What are the alternatives?

When it comes to alternatives, PDF Split and Merge is a good choice. With just a few steps, the program lets you merge multiple files instantly. However, the unfriendly and cluttered interface is a major drawback and can be a deterrent for some users.

PDF Merger is another handy utility program that merges multiple documents into a single page. All you need to do is select the pages and click the ‘Merge’ button. The simple interface ensures simple usage, but the output file may have some changes in the layout.

If you want to merge PDF files, you could download PDF Combine on your PC. This program not only combines PDF documents but splits them apart into individual pages. While the process is fast and hassle-free, the program experiences occasional lags and crashes.

Is PdfMerge a good choice?

PdfMerge is a useful program for users looking to join PDF files.

If you often work with PDF documents and spend time printing each page individually, this program can give you the much-needed respite from the unnecessary effort. For instance, imagine you want to print out the twelve months in an annual calendar. In a usual scenario, you’ll have to print the page for each month and repeat the process for quite some time. With PdfMerge, you can combine the pages and give a single command.

the tool also lets you rotate the pages and arrange the document in a specific way, based on your preferences. Though this tool doesn’t offer a wide range of features, such as splitting, converting, or editing, it’s a great choice to combine multiple pages into a single file.

With a simple interface and intuitive navigation, anyone can start using this program from the get-go.

The perfect choice to merge PDFs on Windows

While PdfMerge download is simple in execution, it’s a very useful tool. It can help you keep the folders and desktop uncluttered. With the drag-and-drop function, you only need to select the files, set basic preferences, and click the ‘Confirm’ button.

The process is complete within a few seconds, and the program gives you the option to create a new document or work with multiple pages in a master document. If you want to combine PDF files, this one’s a no-brainer.


  • Quickly merges PDF files

  • Comes with a simple interface

  • Compatible with multiple Windows OS

  • Supports drag-and-drop function


  • Doesn’t offer customization options

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