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Safetica FreeSafetica Free

Safetica Free is a freeware version of Safetica’s powerful security client scaled down for the home user. It combines data protection and encryption with a secure password manager and generator, temporary and junk file shredder, archived file tool, disk encryption, RSA key generator, and more.

Safetica’s installer offers more options than most, including whether to run the program at startup and also to open the program’s Web site and Help file when the installation finished. The Help file and Web-based resources often refer to the enterprise-level software client, which includes tools for monitoring employees’ computer behavior. But the easy-to-use First Run Wizard walked us through the eight-step process of setting up the home version, so we recommend skipping the manual and Web site unless you need greater detail. The first step, Profiles, offers three security levels: Basic, Safe, and Paranoid. The default choice is Basic, so we stuck with that (it’s easy to change later). The next step involves creating a security key that can unlock encrypted disks if you forget your password. In the Shredder step, we could check temporary files, browser caches, and other locations for secure cleaning, including by schedule. The Database step configures the Password Manager. Safetica lets you store all your passwords securely and access them with a single main password. The easy Database creation wizard even offers a variety of different icons to choose from. The Disks step creates, imports, and manages virtual disks that are secured by Safetica’s encryption. Finally, the PC Lock feature automatically locks your PC whenever you pull out a specially configured USB drive.

Safetica Free has an Office-style layout, including a Start button and a ribbon-style toolbar divided into disk tools and other functions. Under Encrypted Disk, we could create and access strongly encrypted Virtual and Physical disk volumes, while the Traveller Disk section protected our removable drives. Our password and other databases appeared in the left panel, with selected items in the main window. We didn’t try the PC Lock tool but consider it a valuable extra to have on hand. With FAQs, tool tips, Facebook, and more, Safetica Free offers plenty of support for a free tool.


Version 4.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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