Save Multiple HTML Files As Text Files Software

Save Multiple HTML Files As Text Files Software

Save Multiple HTML Files As Text Files Software

Developer’s Description

By Sobolsoft
This software offers a solution to users who want to save one or more HTML/HTM files as text files. The user simply chooses the required files or an entire folder before selecting an output folder. Using this time saving software, processing even large numbers of files takes just one click.

Save Multiple HTML Files As Text Files Software is a small conversion utility that allows you to save the content of HTML (or HTM) files as text file(.txt). Using this application you can convert one single HTML file or load a folder containing numerous files and convert them simultaneously.


HTMLAsText utility converts HTML documents to simple text files, by removing all HTML tags and formatting the text according to your preferences.



  • HTMLAsText automatically removes all tags and scripts from the document.
  • The remained text is formatted according to the number of characters per line that you select.
  • All HTML entities (e.g.: &amp, &lt) are converted into the corresponding ASCII characters.
  • Unordered lists (<ul> tag) and ordered lists (<ol> tag) are formatted accordingly. The bullets beside the items of unordered lists are replaced by ASCII characters according to your selection.
  • Definition lists are formatted by adding spaces in the left side of the definition lines.
  • Optionally, centered and right-aligned paragraphs are formatted accordingly by adding space characters in the left side of the lines.
  • Optionally, HTMLAsText allows you to add a line under each heading (<h1> – <h6> tags)
  • Simple tables can be delimited by spaces, tab characters, commas, or CRLF.
  • Preformatted text blocks (<pre> tag) are copied “as is”, without formatting the text.
  • You can convert multiple HTML files in the same folder at once, by using wildcard. (e.g.: c:\files\*.html)
  • You can run the conversion process without displaying any user interface, by using the /run command-line option.

HTMLAsText is a small and standalone executable. You don’t need to install anything, and additional DLLs are not required for using this utility. Just copy the executable to any folder you like, and run it.

In the main screen of HTMLAsText utility, you are allowed to set the configuration required for converting your HTML files to text files. The following options are available:

  • Single/Multiple: In this option you should specify whether you want to convert a single file or multiple files:
    • Convert Single File: If you choose this option, the HTML file specified in ‘HTML File’ field will be converted into the text file specified in the ‘Text File’ field.
    • Convert Multiple Files: If you choose this option, the ‘HTML Wildcard’ field should contain wildcard for the HTML files you want to convert, with full path. for example:
      The ‘Text Wildcard’ field should contain wildcard for the text files you want to save, for example:
  • Scan Subfolders: If your select this option, HtmlAsText search for html files in all subfolders under the specified folder of ‘HTML Wildcard’ field.
    Available only if ‘Convert Multiple Files’ is selected.
  • Characters Per Line: Maximum number of characters per line in the converted text file.
  • Unordered List Characters: The characters specified in this field will be used for replacing the bullets of unordered lists. You can specify here up to 5 characters (for nested lists).
  • Add line under headings: If this option is checked, a line will be added under each heading. The line will be created by using the 6 characters that you specify – first character for <h1> tag, second character for <h2> tag, and so on.
  • Skip the text stored inside <title> tag: Just like it sounds – if this option is checked, the text inside the <title> won’t be added to the converted text file.
  • Horizontal rule character: The character that will be used for displaying horizontal rule in the text file.
  • Definition List spaces: Number of spaces to add to definition line. (<dd> tag)
  • Allow centered text: If this option is checked, the text of centered paragraphs is centered by adding spaces in the left side of the lines.
  • Allow right-aligned text: If this option is checked, the text of right-aligned paragraphs is aligned to the right by adding space characters.
  • separate table cells by… : Determines how the cells of tables are separate: by space, by comma, by tab or CRLF (Enter).
  • Enclose bold text with the following characters: If this option is checked, bold text (<b> tag) is enclosed with the start/end characters that you select.
  • Links Display Format: Determines how to represent a link (<a> tag) in your text file. You can select one of the predefined formats, or create your own. the ‘%T’ represents the text of the link, the ‘%L’ represents the URL address.

This is the list of 8 free HTML to text converter software for Windows. Using these software, you can easily remove all HTML tags from the HTML code so that only the text remains. And all you have to do is import an HTML file or just copy-paste the HTML code onto their interface. After that, they will remove all the HTML tags and attributes and also most of these software are quite intelligent as they are smart enough to clip out unnecessary tags and text between them. For example, removing head components, eliminating script tags, etc.

There can be many reasons to convert an HTML file to a text file. And the software included in this list make it pretty easy to do that.

Dynamic websites are very widely used and convenient to handle, but at some level of popularity they can overload your server, which will be unable to meet the load, and as a rule they require an investment in increased computer power (added memory, etc.). To solve this problem, Multiple HTML File Maker facilitates the creation of static pages with data, which will likewise be well indexed by search engines.

Using just one file with a database, you can create your own web catalogs, and any product manuals and program catalogs, comprising a great number (thousands ) of static HTML pages with a directory.

In this manner, Multiple HTML File Maker permits generating a great number of files, based on only two files:

  1. The text file with data (simple text file with any delimiter)
  2. A webpage or website template.

The text file with data can be, for example, a list of goods or program products (note the example which is provided within the base program directory).

This program was created primarily for webmasters but also has a great number of other purposes, including SEO site optimization. In fact, this is a simple report generator that doesn’t need installation or special drivers.

Note how often even very powerful servers can turn out not to be ready for peak loads.

Multiple HTML File Maker will help you present information to a large number of users as static pages and without large expenditures in upgrading the technology, and likewise can possibly help optimize your site for more optimal indexing by search engines.

You need to prepare a data file before commencing work with the program. You can create it using, for example, MS Excel. Open your table and save it as “CSV – Windows”.

  • Next, select this data file in your program.
  • Then select a template with an HTML page.
  • Create the rules for inserting values from the data table into your template.
  • To do this, click on “Add” and choose a field to be inserted.
  • For example, you have a column with the name of a company and its website address.
  • Insert a designation for the name of the company and its website address.
  • For example,   %Name%,   %Website%.
  • Open the code for your HTML template and insert, where needed in the document, the variables %Name% and %Website%.

In formulating the content, the program will automatically insert the values from the data file into your template and provide each file a new name. You can have parameters to create the filenames and subdirectories in which the files are stored. After creating these, the program will also automatically create a file with a header and links to the created files.

The program does not require special training, experience, or knowledge. A little familiarity with HTML page structure and creation of text files with data will suffice. It takes only seconds for you to create thousands of files.


Text to HTML converter for multiple text files to html files — Do you have a number of text files that you need automatically converted to HTML? Perhaps your boss told you they need that information on the local intranet now, or perhaps you just want to organize your own text documents in an easy to read format? If you have any need to convert text to HTML, then this software is for you! Using this software:

  • Save time by easily selecting any number of text files to convert to HTML! One click interface makes things easy!
  • Customize the HTML pages to YOUR liking, using templates! If you have a specific format you want to use, you can easily have the text reformatted to a certain HTML style so it fits in with your business or personal needs!
  • Customizable variables to make the text to HTML converted file look the way you want! The software supports several variables, such as a ‘filename’ tag and of course, the actual text content ‘tag’ that you can place whereever you want within the document
  • Re-organize your information with a couple clicks of the mouse! Ability to split the text documents up by separators, and reformat your HTML document accordingly, so it looks how you want it to look! Perhaps you have a book collection, or a list of accounting items you need organized? Try this software!
  • Plus, it works quickly!

Download this software now, and see how easy it is is to automatically convert text to html in seconds!

There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to convert local or online HTML files to the plain text format (.txt). Maybe you want to move the files to a device that can’t read or display HTML files properly, or maybe, you’d like to turn multiple HTML documents into a single text document for easier archiving, or, you just need the textual information from the documents to use them for work.

While you can now go ahead and use copy and paste to do that, or go through the source code manually, you may quickly realize that it takes some time to do so. Going through the source code is usually not the best option as you may end up copying HTML tags to the new document which are not interpreted in the plain txt file. Depending on the HTML files structure, you may also have issues copying its textual contents when you view it in a browser.

Nirsoft’s HTMLasText comes to the rescue as it provides you with an automated way of converting HTML files to plain text. The program has been designed to work with single and multiple HTML files as long as the documents are stored in a single folder or folder structure on your hard drive. You can use wildcards to select the HTML files on your drive and wildcards for the corresponding txt files as well.

You simply select the HTML root folder and define whether you want to convert a single file or multiple files using wildcards. If you have HTML documents in a subfolder select the scan subfolder option here as well.


The conversion options define several output parameters. Here you can select the maximum number of characters per line and which characters you want used as a representation of unordered lists. HTMLAsText not only extracts the text from HTML documents but preserves part of the document formatting as well.

Additional formatting related options are available to highlight heading tags (h1 to h6) by using underlines, skip the title tag, enclose bold text with characters you select and to allow centered or right-aligned text as well.

You can save the configuration to load it at anytime in the future which may be useful if you need to convert HTML documents to text regularly.The conversion itself does not take longer than a second for a single document, and the quality of the output is quite good. While you may still need to manually edit the text document, for instance by removing navigational elements or menus that you do not need, the program’s formatting preservation helps to limit that to a fraction of the time you’d normally spend doing so.



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