Startup Optimizer

Startup Optimizer

Startup Optimizer

Although this start-up monitor effectively replaces MSCONFIG for day-to-day use, it occasionally incorrectly judges the harm factor of start-up items.

Startup Optimizer’s tree and check-box interface is clean and well-designed. The program loads all start-up items and color codes them by a harm factor: Required, Not Required, User’s Choice, Unknown, and Harmful. Each item includes information needed to judge its worth. Program name, location, command path, rating, and size columns quickly can be sorted or sized for readability. Single-clicking on an item displays the information in a larger box and adds a comment concerning the item. Most comments include a link to Google for more information about the item.

We found the harm factor ratings tended to err on the side of cautiousness, with a safe product labeled as harmful on some of our test machines. Users can easily back up the start-up list before making changes. However, while any level user would find Startup Optimizer easy to use, care must be taken before disabling or deleting any start-up items. We heartily recommend this freeware for all users looking to streamline their system start-up.

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Startup Optimizer inspects programs loading at Windows startup and keeps your PC running faster, cleaner, and error-free. With a program database, Startup Optimizer provides useful information for known programs. You can remove harmful programs like spyware, virus, diallers, make your system healthier and maintain a higher degree of privacy. Startup Optimizer removes junk and obsolete programs, frees up RAM and increases your system performance.

Startup optimizer allows to add, remove and edit list of startup programs efficiently, backup and restore them. Startup Optimizer allows to edit list of startup programs efficiently, backup and restore them, adds advanced startup conditions and events for programs, controls all startups sections with its monitor.

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