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SWF Launcher

SWF Launcher

Developer’s Description

SWFLauncher, the Shockwave Flash file (swf) player. Playing your games and apps from computer, URL, and free online games & apps. Optimizing everything from quality to screen size for the best play. All you need for opening flash files is here! It’s portable, enjoyable, valuable, and free.Full Optimizations to Enjoy: We offer you many optimizations to make your games and apps feel enjoyable at your satisfaction. You can optimize many things including screen size, background color, graphic quality, startup. Free Online Games and Apps: The interesting feature you won’t miss in SWFLauncher is about “Games and Apps” browser. It contains a lot of free online games and apps. You can play them free and everywhere just only internet required.

Friendly UI: With the user-interface that designed to be more friendly and simply natural, there is no need to read instructions any more. The user-interface is also touchable for all modern Windows touch screen devices. Open from File Explorer: In this version, 2.5, you can open swf and other type of media files with SWFLauncher by clicking “Open with…” to those files in File Explorer. Support more than SWF files: SWFLauncher not only opens ShockWave Flash (swf) files, but also supports many type of media files including swf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, and more that can open with.


Version 2.5:

  • New file-association feature for opening files with SWFLauncher in File Explorer
  • Supported .swf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif files and more
  • Transformed “Game Browser” to “Games and Apps Browser”
  • Added “Open file” features to Games and Apps Browser
  • Added optional setups for Theme and Games and Apps Browser when user use program for the first time
  • Added Graphic Quality optimizations
  • Added updater features including automatic updates system and updater
  • Added basic optional settings features
  • Added 16 sample colors on Theme settings
  • Added address bar on Startup settings
  • Added “Help” menu
  • Added advertisement
  • Removed Resolution settings
  • Removed Living Room
  • Removed “Customize” menu
  • Fixed inactive Hot-keys bugs
  • Fixed Open from URLs bugs
  • Redesign User-Interface a little bit
  • Improved contact and support information

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