VueMinder Lite

VueMinder Lite

VueMinder Lite

VueMinder Lite is a feature-rich calendar that will keep you on schedule, thanks to its reminders and desktop overlay and that syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook and offers you the ability to subscribe to dozens of public calendars of various types.


Google and Public calendar support: When you start VueMinder Lite for the first time, you’ll go through a brief setup process where you can sbscribe to public calendars and sync with your own Google Calendar. We were particularly impressed with the catalog of public calendars available, ranging from religious and national holidays, to weather and sports, to even scientific and historic calendars.

Desktop overlay: The first time we minimized the main window of VueMinder Lite, we were very surprised to still be looking at it on our desktop. The optional desktop overlay is on by default and is very customizable; we could pick and choose its timespan, show and hide optional panels, resize it, and even change its transparency levels.

A multitude of features: From the moment you set eyes on this application, you’ll know that it means business. In this free version of the software you’ll find features that even paid products don’t offer, such as the ability to be notified not only some time before the beginning of an event, but also before its end.


An up-to-date Windows 7 installation is required: It’s not often that an app depends on system updates to function, but that’s the case here. If you want to use the software’s Google Calendar integration on a PC with Windows 7 or earlier, you need to ensure that it is up to date or at the very least that it has update KB2468871 installed.


If you rely on your calendar to keep you on track throughout your day, you’ll definitely benefit from VueMinder Lite. Even if you tend to use your smartphone as your hub for calendars and reminders, the nice desktop overlay that this software provides offers a really convenient and fast way to see what’s next on your agenda.


Version 2016.09:

  • Corrected various problems related to recurring events sometimes duplicating and reminders not dismissing or snoozing.
  • Corrected formatting of event descriptions when imported from an ICS file that was previous exported from VueMinder. Previously, the descriptions would import only as plain text.
  • Corrected the list of exported events shown after exporting a calendar to an ICS file. Recurring event variations were listed twice.
  • Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.
  • Other minor corrections and improvements.

VueMinder Lite is a free calendar and reminder program. If you’re looking for the perfect offline PC-based companion to Google Calendar, you’ve found it in VueMinder, which supports automatic synchronization with Google Calendar and can show your schedule regardless of whether you happen to be online or offline. Data is also backed up automatically, protecting you against the potential loss of your Google Calendar events.A calendar browser allows addition of many calendars, such as holidays, local weather, sport schedules, religious occasions, and more. You can also create your own calendars, which are overlaid into day, week, and month views. Events can be filtered or color-coded based on associated calendar, category, priority, or location. Calendars can also be printed using a wide variety of templates and settings. ICS calendar subscriptions are fully supported, along with the ability to import or export ICS files. Calendars can be saved as web pages (HTML) for publication to your website or sharing with others. Files can be linked to events and opened using just 2 clicks of the mouse. Print features are also provided, with a number of layout styles and a preview window that dynamically refreshes to show exactly what will be printed.

VueMinder truly shines in the way it presents reminders, which can be either popup windows or unobtrusive desktop alerts. Reminders can be configured to play media files or even recite text-to-speech descriptions. If your computer speakers are turned up, you’ll be able to hear the details of your reminder from another room – no more wondering what the computer is beeping about. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Outlook, VueMinder will feel instantly familiar. Even if you’ve never used Outlook, VueMinder is very intuitive and easy to learn, with many convenient touches, such as the ability to undo accidental reminder dismissal.

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