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This E-Library Software application effectively organizes your book collection, despite some minor flaws. Using a pleasing, intuitive interface, E-Library allows you to easily record detailed information about individual books, authors, publishers, and both online and brick-and-mortar vendors. You can input or import information including book summary, author notes, publisher information, and vendor data. The prepopulated book subjects are a nice touch. We also like the ability to track borrowed titles and the one-click searches of three online booksellers for the title or author, although selecting one of the buttons displayed an error message. Additionally, the search function was hard to find, leaving us to navigate using the quick lists available on the right side of the interface.

You can export reports in a number of formats, but we were dissatisfied with the output’s design. This application comes with a 20-record trial. Still, bibliophiles will want to check out this attractive, multifeatured collection application.

In the aftermath of the exacerbated COVID-19 pandemic in countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and as a new wave of the virus threatens the African continent, a worsening learning crisis that affected 1.6 billion children in 2020 is permanently disrupting the educations of children and heightening risks to young girls.

E-Library Software Free Download 2024 Latest version

Room to Read’s work is needed now more than ever, as UNICEF reports one-third of the world’s children remain cut off from education due to inaccessibility to remote learning methods and 10 million additional girls are at risk of child marriage over the next decade. The World Bank is calling the COVID-19 pandemic “the worst crisis to education and learning in a century.”


Copy with Callout - Education Resilience DonateAs an organization dedicated to education, we are doing everything we can to ensure that learning continues amid this surge. Our 600+ staff on the ground in India are reaching out to children and their families as they cope with COVID-19 suffering and losses, to provide both crucial safety information and educational resources. The remote learning methods we developed last year are proving incredibly valuable as the crisis worsens.

Resources such as our at-home literacy kit, parent handbook, read-aloud videos, radio and TV programming, and interactive voice response storytelling are helping us to enable children to continue their literacy journeys at home. Our social mobilizers are conducting active outreach to adolescent girls to help them use their life skills to navigate this escalating crisis. Qualities like communication, perseverance and resilience are vital, and our teams are deeply engaged in reinforcing these traits that can provide girls and their families with much-needed equilibrium and stability during this turbulent period.

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For millions of children, this is a time of increased chaos, isolation and fear. We are working to provide them with a sense of continuity, stability, socio-emotional support and positive engagement through learning.

At Room to Read, our mission unites us, and so does our humanity. This work would not be possible without the compassion and generosity of our global community. If you would like to support our work to ensure education resilience during this continued crisis, please click here to make a donation.

“Education is the only thing that cannot be taken away. It is the key to fulfilling my dreams.” Parbati Girls’ Education Program Participants in Nepal

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 Help Education Endure1.6 billion – children and youth have experienced school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic

463 million – children or 31% of students worldwide at risk of not catching up or dropping out of school entirely who cannot be reached by remote learning programs

72 million – estimated primary school children will experience learning poverty, meaning that they will unable to read and understand a simple text by the age of 10, as learning losses continue to grow

10 million – more girls will be at risk of becoming child brides as a result of the pandemic  over the next decade.

“The data suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic will have huge impacts on student learning across the world, but students in low-income countries and those in sub-Saharan Africa will be the most negatively affected. In these countries, governments have been less able to provide remote learning opportunities and guidance to teachers to address student learning needs during the crisis.”

Photocopying, Laser Printing & Scanning Facilities:

E-Library provides the facility of printing, photocopying and scanning.

EndNote Software Training:
EndNote is a database programme for creating and organizing references. Through the E-Library Information Literacy Skills workshops and training sessions are organized on need basis and personal training in using these resources as well as how to publish research papers, articles and manuscripts in international journals by using EndNote software.

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