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The Arabic keyboard (Arabic: لوحة المفاتيح العربيةlawḥat al-mafātīḥ al-`Arabīyyah) is the Arabic keyboard layout used for the Arabic alphabet. All computer Arabic keyboards contain both Arabic letters and Latin letters, the latter being necessary for URLs and e-mail addresses. Since Arabic is written from right to left, when one types with an Arabic keyboard, the letters will start appearing from the right side of the screen.

► What is this website?

This online tools is provided to write and search in Arabic for Arab travelers or western users who do not have arabic keyboard.

► how to use this keyboard layout?

If you want to write across the mouse, move your cursor over the keyboard layout and click the demand letter. You can also use your computer keyboard, click the button letter transliteration, so and do Status Indicator mouse inside the text area and type any letter and becomes an Arab letter converted. Western users should know that the letter be written differently, depending on their position in the word. If you still need more information, simply turn to the contact link in the footer.

Bugs in microsoft office word and outlook?

Some users have reported problems, when they insert the Arabic text in Microsoft Word and in other editor.

Key layout:

  • The above arrangement is designed to maximize the transfer of knowledge. Intellark is designed to allow QWERTY, all users Latin-derived AZERTY keyboard layout or to retain and reuse their knowledge of key places. In Intellark, a relationship is established between Latin-based Arabic-based characters and based on their phonetics.
  • For example, typing the English element in the pairs (a, ا), (s, س), (d, د), (f, ف), or (w, و) (produces an Arabic. new relations are drawn among the Arabic characters themselves, where the double pressure of the element on the right of each pair in (و, ؤ), (د, ذ), (س, ش), (ا, أ) (ك گ), produces a dependent character based on the form, its phonetics, or both, and so on.

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